Design 3D applications with Three.js !

Discover Three.js, a JavaScript library capable of creating 3D scenes in a web browser.

24 Training Videos
Around 30% theory and 70% practice
29 Slideshows
PDF format
70 Examples
Over 70 code examples
3D Models
Ready-to-use 3D models

Training course

foldericon Setting up a basic environment 5min
foldericon The basic concepts of Three.js 5min
foldericon Hello World and Basics 1h
foldericon Geometry 20min
foldericon Material 22min30
foldericon Texture 18min
foldericon Sprite 6min30
foldericon Shadows and lights 22min30
foldericon Controls 32min30
foldericon 3D Models 20min
foldericon Animations 28min
foldericon Raycaster 17min30
foldericon Render Targets 37min
foldericon 3D Text 17min
foldericon Bonus ---

Code Examples

Discover more than 70 code examples !

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